PT. Bahtera Niaga Internasional, places the highest priority on Health, Safety and Environmental protection



PT. BAHTERA NIAGA INTERNASIONAL aims to remain a leading shipping company in this region by continuous improvement and innovation throughout the Company Our high standards of work and safety will be achieved by operating a quality system which meets the requirements of the International Quality Assurance management Standard ISO 9001 : 2008 and the International Maritime Organization’s ISM Code for the “Safe Operation of Ships and Pollution Prevention”. Customer satisfaction and the good name of the Company are directly dependent upon this working philosophy.

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination. At the end of the day, going forward.

PT. BAHTERA NIAGA INTERNASIONAL places the highest priority on Health, Safety, and Environment Protection. Complies to mandatory rules and regulations, and take into consideration all applicable codes, guidelines and standards recommended by IMO, Flag administrations, Clasiffication Societes and Maritime Industry Organizations

The Company’s personnel at all levels, both ashore and on-board the ships shall be fully committed, competent & motivated to fulfill the objectives of:

  • Providing for safe practices in ship operation and a safe working environment.
  • Estabilishing safeguards against all identified risk.
  • Continuously improving their safety management skills of shore & shipboard personnel, including preparing for emergencies related to both safety and environmental protection.
  • All accidents and injuries are preventable.
  • Every employee has responsibilities for his or her own safety and for the safety of others.
  • No business objective is so im.portant that it will be pursued at the sacrifice of safety.
  • A job is well done only if it is done safely.

To meet this requirement PT. BAHTERA NIAGA INTERNASIONAL has embraced the IMO’s International Safety Management (ISM) Code Requirements within its Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment System, and has been certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).